Cookies policy


1. Definition and usages of cookies in this web site

A cookie is a text file that a site is inserting in our PC, phone or any other devise you may be using with information about your navigation in that site. Cookies are therefore useful to make your navigation easier and more comfortable and they do not damage your device.

The main objective of using cookies is improving your navigation experience. Cookies are useful in order to identify you (if you are already registered in our web site), remember your preferences (language, country, etc.) during navigation and in future visits, managing your purchase basket, making it possible to purchase, etc. Information within cookies let us improve our web site, through quantity average and usage patterns, web site adaptability to the individuals customers interests, improved search speed, etc
Cookies DO NOT keep sensitive information about personal information such as address, password, and o credit data in our cookies.

2. Who uses this information?

This information registered in our web site cookies is exclusively used by us, except for Google Analytics, that is used and managed by Google and us with statistics purposes and payment operations cookies, that is generated exclusively when the order is placed and is analyzed by a third company in order to offer enough guarantees about payment made.

3. Can I deactivate cookies usage?

Cookies CAN be deactivated. However, is you select this configuration is possible that you cannot access certain areas as well as this will make navigation less effective. And some of our services may not be available. If you still prefer to restrict, block or erase cookies from with web site, you can do it by changing your browser configuration as follows:
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
Safari for IOS (iPhone and iPad)
Chrome for Android

4. Type of Cookies used in

Registry cookies

They are automatically generated when you sign in our web or your register yourself

  • You are authenticated even when you closet he browser so when you go into the site again it is not necessary to sign in again, unless you log out.
  • In order to access several areas

Analytics cookies

They compile information anonymously of the navigation experience in our webs

  • Counting the number of visitants and most seen contents.
  • Recognizing the user.
  • This information help us to improve navigation and give the user a better service.

Performance cookies

They are used to optimize the navigation experience and improve our web site performance. They can keep services configuration in order not to reconfigure them with every single visit to the web site.

Advertising cookies

They collect information about the advertisements shown in related web sites.

  • They adjust ads to the type of device of the user.
  • They allow to show ads managed by third parties (‘Ad-Servers’).

When browsing our web site you are accepting the usage of Cookies in the conditions contents within this Cookies policy. Pedro Miralles offers access to this Cookies policy in the moment you sign in in order to inform the user and without prejudice of the user may exercise its right to block, erase and reject the usage of Cookies at any time.